How to lead a Devotion

*If you are single we want to encourage you to engage in these daily devotions with a friend(s).*

Tim Challies wrote a great article on family devotions. Here are his 10 takeaways

Here are ten tips related to family devotions.
  1. More important than how you do family devotions is that you do family devotions.
  2. Keep family devotions simple, especially when starting out. Five engaging minutes are far better than twenty rambling ones.
  3. Family devotions is not only about gaining knowledge but also about establishing patterns and displaying priorities.
  4. The foundation of family devotions is simple: read and pray. Better said: read, teach, and pray.
  5. Family devotions don’t need to be fun, but they must not be drab either. Focus on engagement, not entertainment.
  6. The benefit of family devotions is not only gaining knowledge but also relating to God together as a family.
  7. Do not grow discouraged if your children look bored. Measure long, not short and let your kids be kids.
  8. Ask for tips on family devotions from others in your local church. Glean from their successes and false starts.
  9. Expect that God will work through family devotions but do not demand that His work take a certain form.
  10. Dad (AND mom), take responsibility for family devotions. Lead your family by leading them to the Word and leading them in prayer.

I’m so convicted reading this list. I wish I had done a better job as a parent in leading my kids in the Scriptures. But it’s never too late to start. And if you don’t have kids it’s still a great time to make a daily habit of being in the Word. On behalf of the staff, I am so thankful to get to teach and encourage you in the Word BUT I believe in the priesthood of ALL believers. That means that God is working uniquely in your life. You are not passive receivers of God's truth- you are agents of His grace and truth.

- Phil

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