Sunday services are the primary way to worship God, honor Him, and grow together here at Calvary SD.  Additional ministries provide a space for age appropriate teaching, more connection, and opportunities to serve at Calvary.  Find details below for each ministry and don’t hesitate to reach out to a ministry leader with questions.

special needs 

Better Together 

Providing support for all ages

sunday 10:00 am

We at Calvary San Diego desire to be a welcoming place, inviting for all people, including those with special needs. The Bible describes the Church as the Body, made up of many members and functions, all equal and important. One person’s weakness may be another person’s strength. We are created and designed to help and support each other.

In order for the Body to be healthy we must appreciate all members. Some members have unique challenges and require extra support. Better Together is our  buddy program where we partner up a friend to be present with your loved one throughout the Sunday service.

We are still in the beginning stages of learning and developing this program designed to support and encourage our members and families with special needs. We are so excited to see what God is going to teach us not only about each other, but about who He is and how He loves.  Please join us in prayer as we extend our collective hand to the special needs community. We believe that this ministry will benefit every participant. We truly are…Better Together

meet the team

Joy Metzger
Better Together Director


Finishing Well Together

Imagine this: a weekday gathering where we cheer each other on, share stories, learn, laugh, and serve our community side by side. And here's the cherry on top - we're teaming up with our good friends over at Chula Vista Community Church. They've kindly offered to host Encore on their beautiful property. Mark your calendars for every Tuesday on 10 to 11:30 AM. They bring the wisdom and the heart, we'll bring the coffee! This is more than just a gathering - it's a chance to connect, to make a difference, and to make every moment count.

meet the team

Jeff Jackson
Encore Pastor

deaf ministry

Providing signing for Worship and Teaching

sunday 10:00am

Our goal is for the gospel to be shared, community to be had, and for spiritual growth  for our Deaf Ministry here at Calvary San Diego.  We want those in  the deaf community to know they are welcome here at Calvary San Diego. We have interpretation for all our services whether on a Sunday morning, a Wednesday evening, or outdoor summer events.  Each one of us is a part of the body of Christ, important as the other,  which is why we believe in creating a space for everyone.

Calvary kids

3 months – grade 5

meeting times

sunday 10:00 am

Everything we do in children’s ministry is focused on helping kids understand who Jesus is and that they are loved by Him and us.

We believe that kids ministry is not a day care, but a vital part of the church body. From nursery through elementary, our team’s goal is to point your children  to the real Jesus who can meet their every need. Jesus always prioritized children, and we do too!
During our Calvary Kids services, we emphasize  important Biblical truths through scripture, worship, videos, and even down to the games. Your children will leave having heard the gospel every single week!

Activities, worship, and curriculum are prayerfully selected for each age level. Volunteers are fingerprinted and trained to best serve the children in their care.

meet the team

Judah Metzger
Calvary Kids

middle school

grade 6 – 8

meeting times

Sundays at 10:00 am
Sunday Nights from 6:00pm-8:00pm

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Our mission is to see middle schoolers come to a complete knowledge of Jesus, united together in love as the church, and encouraged in their hearts in the midst of discouragement. We hope to offer a place where middle school students belong. Middle school can often be a time of change, pressure, and exclusion as everyone is trying to figure out who they are. The Good News is that we have an incredible message of Love, Inclusion, and Belonging from God in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to model and experience God’s love through studying His Word together, having fun together, making good memories together, and being a welcoming place of love for everyone who attends.

meet the team

Luis Lopez
Middle School Director

high school

grade 9 – 12

Meeting time

Sundays Nights from 6:00Pm - 8:00pm
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Our mission is to see High Schoolers come to a real and personal relationship with Jesus. We encourage and challenge students to love and serve the church, their community, and the world.

The heart behind the High School ministry here at Calvary SD is simple.
  • To lift up the name of Jesus and simply live for Him.
  • To understand what it means to live as a Christian, a life of radical love and compassion.
  • To be real and encourage others to live the same.

This is a group that is open and real.

meet the team

Frankie Trejo
High School Pastor

young adults

ages 18-29

meeting time

Meeting time every Friday at 6:30pm in room 110

We are a small collective of young adults seeking to glorify God in their lives. We come together weekly to seek God in scripture, worship, and prayer. Our gatherings are located in the Breezeway room directly to the left of the main sanctuary, and we usually begin a little after 6:30pm. We meet for about an hour and fill that time with singing, prayer, and Bible study. We typically end our evenings by going out to eat together.

meet the team

Carlos Kalczuk
Young Adults Pastor

worship team

The Bible teaches us that as believers we worship our Lord in many different ways and functions. Presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice, thanksgiving and praise and serving one another are all examples of worship.
The music ministry at Calvary SD is another expression of our worship, and our teams provide the opportunity to glorify God and pursue His presence. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned musician there are many opportunities throughout the church to get involved and to grow in your gifting. Please fill out the worship application below to get started.

Crossing Cultures

Crossing Cultures is a  show focused on helping Christians learn how to connect to those who may live, believe or think differently than they do. You can listen to our podcast on Spotify, iTunes, or however you consume podcasts. 

meet the team

Phil Metzger


Making others feel loved and welcomed is one of our top priorities. We desire to make our church a warm and welcoming environment. Join this team and serve the church through the greeting team, welcome center, or host team.

meet the team

Ben Ortiz

creative  &  Production team

At Calvary SD, we endeavour to use media to glorify God and make Christ known. Through social media, photography, videography, and design, the Creative Team can communicate who we are as a church, what Jesus is doing in our lives, and how He is blessing our community.  If you are currently a photographer or videographer or are interested in learning these skills, we invite you to fill out an application by clicking the link below.

The role of the AV production team is to aid in the delivery of worship and the teaching so God’s word can get to as many people as possible.

Sound, Video, Lights, and Media are a collaborative effort to create a seamless worship/teaching experience for visitors and members of the church. In doing so, we help create a safe environment for people to receive the word of the Lord.

meet the team

Daryl Yard
Creative & Production  Director

Calvary christian academy

prek - grade 12

About our school

Get to know more about what makes us different by visiting our website.

As one of the leading private schools in Chula Vista, Calvary Christian Academy offers a comprehensive program balanced in college preparatory academics, competitive athletics, compelling arts and a Christ-centered environment.  Students from preschool through 12th grade learn in a safe, engaging and caring community where class sizes are small and personal relationships with teachers and staff thrive.  Students benefit from this total educational experience that includes opportunities to serve around the world and prepares them to excel in life and learning beyond graduation.