tierra bomba, colombia

learn more about the upcoming trip to colombia including who we will be serving, our team's mission, how you can pray, and current updates from the team

meet the missionaries: Alex & Carolina Diaz

Alex moved to Cartagena in September 2016 to serve as a full-time missionary at Calvary Chapel Cartagena, where he led a Bible study on the island of Tierra Bomba. After 5 months, that Bible study turned into a church plant. Alex married his wife, Carolina, in 2018, who at the time was serving alongside the Calvary team in Tierra Bomba.  God then called them to serve on the island and get more involved with the community. After leading the kid's ministry in Calvary Chapel Cartagena for almost 3 years, Alex and Carolina finally moved to Tierra Bomba where they do ministry full-time and have planted a church on the island.

Mission Field: Tierra Bomba

Tierra Bomba is a 10-minute boat ride from Cartagena.  With the close proximity to Cartagena, tourism is expanding on the island with restaurants & hotels. There are 4-5k people on the Island. 90% African decent and the remaining majority is Venezuelan migrants. 

There are 4 towns on the Island and it is a very poor community. Drugs and prostitution are a concern on the island especially in young girls.  Single moms are common on the island.

Clean water is a major concern on the island.  All water on the island in non-potable. Clean water must be shipped in and pumped from a boat to the towns.  Electricity, was repaired recently, and is available on the island along with internet access.
There is a Calvary Christian Academy with 17 students enrolled.  8 students are from Tierra Bomba and the other 9 are Venezuelan migrants.  Alex’s heart is to make disciples of the people on Tierra Bomba and build up the community through love and friendship.

Our team's mission

To get to Tierra Bomba we will fly from San Diego to Miami and then from Miami to Cartagena, Colombia.  From Cartagena we will catch a short ferry ride to the island of Tierra Bomba.

We will be teaching English classes to adults and leading Vacation Bible School (VBS) for the children on Tierra Bomba. The English classes are meant to connect families with the church on the island and provide practical skills to help adults secure better jobs. We will invite all the children on the island to VBS and share the Gospel each day. 

how to pray


Please pray for the safety of our team as we travel to South America


Pray the team stays healthy during our trip


Pray for open hearts of the people of Tierra Bomba and Cartagena 


Pray for an open door for continued partnership in Tierra Bomba

missionary family

Pray for Pastor Alex and his family and the continued ministry in Colombia