Serve Teams


Connect Team

The role of being on Connect Team is to oversee the practical parts of the service which allows for the clear, uninterrupted, teaching environment in the sanctuary. Connect Team enables the people entering the sanctuary to feel loved and appreciated, as well as comfortable and informed.


Creative Team

Being a part of the creative team includes the audio and visual aspects of the ministry here at Calvary Chapel San Diego. These tools are used to enhance each of our worship services. This critical ministry is an excellent opportunity for those with technical and artistic skills in the areas of Sound, Lighting, Media Presentation, Videography and Photography. 


Calvary Kids Team

We love our kids and we want to make sure all our kids are in the best hands possible and that are being trained and equipped to love and follow Jesus Christ. If thats you. Lets get you connected.


Food Prep Team

This ministry exists to bless the fellowship with quality food and snacks at our services and events. This happens weekly at the Sunday morning services. This ministry is open to men and women. This is a great opportunity for a husband and wife to serve together. Meet Sunday mornings at 7:00 am and begin preparing food to be served that day. 


Worship Team

The Worship Team exists to glorify Jesus through music.  The church’s mission is to reach out and grow a Bible-saturated community that forms a loving family.  A Bible-saturated community is one that is well-versed in musical worship, as it is present throughout scripture.  Music was specifically created by God expressly for the purpose of worship.  One of the key values of our church is Immersive Worship.  This describes a worship setting that involves the entire congregation exalting God together, not simply a few musicians on the stage.  The musical worship portion of our services is meant to be a time to have a direct encounter with our Savior.  

There are many opportunities to be involved in the worship ministry here at Calvary Chapel San Diego.  If you are a skilled musician or vocalist we would encourage you to use your gifts and abilities to serve the church body.