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5 week classes begin October 11th

Godly Leadership

Lisa Aiu

Step into a transformative journey of discovery with Lisa Aiu in 'Godly Leadership,' a five-week intensive course that uncovers the distinctive principles and practices of leadership embedded in Christian teachings. Designed for those aspiring to lead in their church, community, or workplace, this course sets the stage for you to grow as an influential figure rooted in Christ's teachings.

'Godly Leadership' is more than a set of lectures; it's an immersive experience that invites you to redefine leadership through the lens of Christian virtues. The course will guide you in molding a leadership style that reflects the love, humility, and integrity embodied by Jesus. You will engage in vibrant discussions, interactive exercises, and real-world applications that concentrate on servant leadership, faith-based conflict resolution, and wise decision-making.

Kingdom Parenting

Joy Metzger

Embark on a transformative journey with Joy Metzger in this five-week course titled 'Christian Parenting.' Together, we will dive deep into the heart of faith-based parenting, exploring its profound influence in nurturing a spiritually robust environment at home. This course is a harmonious blend of scriptural wisdom, interactive dialogues, and pragmatic strategies that helps you integrate Christian teachings into your everyday parenting methods.

Guided by the teachings of Jesus, you will unearth how to cultivate Christian virtues within your children, fostering their lifelong affinity for God.

Christian Parenting is more than just a course; it's a spiritual journey aimed at illuminating your path as you aspire to raise God-loving children. Join Joy Metzger in this insightful exploration and redefine your parenting experience through the lens of faith.

Know Your Why

aaron szloboda

This course isn't your typical theology class - it's an expedition into the heart of your faith, revealing the 'why' behind your belief in Jesus.

Together, we will trek through the fascinating landscapes of the Bible, scale the peaks of understanding God's nature, and unravel the role of the church like never before. Get ready for some thrilling 'aha' moments as we dig into thought-provoking questions, uncover hidden spiritual treasures, and have a blast along the way.

'Know Your Why' is a fun-filled, faith-building class that will take you to new heights of spiritual understanding and help you firmly anchor your personal relationship with Jesus. 

Suffering: Understanding and stewarding the experience as a GIFT

Jeff Jackson

Embark on an enlightening five-week expedition with Jeff Jackson into an unconventional realm: 'The Gift of Suffering.' This immersive course is set to change the way you perceive suffering, recasting it from a burden into a transformative gift that deepens your Christian walk.

'The Gift of Suffering' is a spiritual journey through the valleys and peaks of life's challenges, intended to uncover the divine purpose hidden within trials. By examining biblical narratives and authentic personal testimonies, you'll learn to perceive suffering as an instrument for spiritual maturation rather than a mere hurdle to overcome.

Journey with Jeff Jackson through this course and discover how to wield suffering as a tool for deepening faith and fostering spiritual strength.